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5 Tips to Develop a Positive Mindset

We all want to be positive and productive.

But too often our mind gets in the way.  The stress of the day creeps into our thoughts and before long your intention of just being positive goes out the window.  The kids are fighting, the boss called an emergency meeting that you’re not prepared for, your co-worker is being nasty, the hubby is complaining AGAIN, or that jerk just cut you off in traffic.

We see this over and over and no matter how much we have good intentions, they just don’t stick.

What gets in our way of creating a positive mindset?  Why do we continue to get dragged down into the pit of self-pity, negative self-talk, and all the drama that goes on around us?

We are spending our energy on the wrong things. 

Do you focus on what others are doing and what’s going on around you instead of taking the time to focus your energy on, well, YOU.  We need to be able to show up for ourselves and what we need and not worry about what others think.  Remember we can’t change other people but we can change ourselves.

Focus your energy on the things you can do that you have control over.  This is an important factor.  If you don’t have control over it, you can’t change it.  Your mindset is something that you own and control.  It is possible to move beyond the negative and create a more positive shift in yourself.

By shifting your focus to the things you can control, it will help you to move out of the toxic mind and negative self-talk and help you to focus on how you can be more positive and productive.

We can’t change what we do on the outside if we don’t focus on what to change on the inside.

The mental picture you have of yourself has a powerful effect on your behavior.  The way you see yourself on the inside can determine your behavior on the outside.  All improvements to your outer life has to begin with improvements on the inside, and in your own mental picture.  Visualize yourself as the person you intend to be in the future. 

So what can you do to help shift that perpetual cycle of negativity and stress to something that is meaningful and productive for you?

Create habits that serve you and establish a positive daily routine.

How do I do that? you might be asking and believe me when I tell you that changing your mindset takes time and effort.  Some days may be easier than others but as you continue to work daily on this, it will become more natural for you to focus on the positive.

Even one positive habit done daily can change your life.  Pick at least one thing to do to establish a new, positive, daily routine.

TIP #1

Begin each day focusing your energy on you. Don’t start the day on social media or checking emails.  Schedule specific time later in the day for that.  Beginning your day on your phone creates a reactive response in you, worrying about what others are doing rather than on you and what you need to be doing for a positive and productive day.

This tends to also create an attitude of I’m not enough, I didn’t do, I need to do, in order to keep up with the Joneses.  Worrying about what others do and how perfect they look on social media is not a productive start to your day.

TIP #2

Set an intention of how you want your day to be. It can be a question you ponder or an affirmation of how the day will be.  Start with here’s how I want to be today.  I will be productive, I will be focused, I will be loving, I will be relaxed, I want to be inspired, are some ideas.

Figure out what you need and make that your intention.  Use a journal to write it out and gain clarity of what you need.  This will change your emotional energy and raise your awareness to focus on your priorities.  Over time you will see the changes you have made on your journey to a positive mindset.

TIP #3

Plan your daily schedule. Know what you need to accomplish for the day and plan for it.  If you know you have a dentist appointment at 2 o’clock, schedule it in and prepare the time for traveling etc.  Don’t wait until the last minute and go oh, crap.  I’m supposed to be at the dentist. Now typically we don’t forget those types of appointments so treat the things you need to do as you would a doctor or dentist appointment.

Develop your schedule, review what needs to be accomplished for the day and schedule the time in to get it done.  And don’t forget to schedule some fun play time in there as well.  All work and no play, as they say.  This could be time spent with kids, grand kiddos, your spouse, or just for you.  Put it on the schedule and make those a priority.

TIP #4

Start the morning on your mat. It doesn’t have to be an all-out hour long power class in the gym or local studio.  It can be a ten minute flow to stretch and wake up or time spent in meditation.  Keep it simple and easy for you to maintain. Keep your mat where it’s accessible.

Save your favorite classes or meditations to your phone or tablet so they’re easy to access.  Having a daily yoga practice will help you to be calm and mindful and this leads to you having a more productive and positive day.

TIP #5

Make a gratitude list. Find something to be grateful for and express that gratitude.  It can be your spouse, a friend, your children, for a job, or whatever you are thankful for in your life.  Write it down and be specific.

As I’m writing this I’m grateful for my husband because he’s in the kitchen preparing breakfast for me 😊 Now I know I’ll have to go in and clean up and do the dishes, but hey, he did the cooking and I’m grateful that I didn’t have to.  Showing gratitude will help you move from a place of negativity to a place of abundance and positivity.


Every day you have so much opportunity to create a positive and grateful mindset.  Spend some time figuring out what habits will best serve you.

And remember: Rule your mind or it will rule you – Buddha



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